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 I feel a sense of calm, balance coupled with a true sense of movement, of running; I feel as a springboard before space and time. The vividly warm colors fascinate, give life, create an inner warmth.
(C. Cirelli)

 Human shadows that stand out in luminous and richly colored scenes evoke – in the essentiality and dynamics of their lines – antique rupestrian paintings.

Presence and absence, individuality and non-determinism: color and form repartee in the essentiality.
(F. Zamengo)

Couples: A life together full of the yet unspoken.
Groups: World peace is possible, on must only believe in it.
The mystery: Will the dream come true?
(G. Ciavarella)

A dimension of reflection. . . that calms. . . I very much like it. . . through a soothing serenity. . . a nocturne composed of silent and expanded dimensions. . .
T. P.

. . . photographic snapshots in backlight bringing out the shadow that afford the imagination the possibility to fill in seemingly empty shapes. The background, represented with warm colors positioned on the second plane, allows us to contextualize and glimpse through the places of our life.                                                                                                                                                    (M.Rigo)