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Man does not have an exact place in one well-defined space: he is always looking for an existential quid. . . "His" [the author’s] man perceives an infinite solitude in the perennial battle between ideal and real. Beside tones of doubtful pensiveness, the explosion of a warm light of hope, a new metaphysical future from which peace is set free, in which a lost man finds his true identity.
(C. Montello)

 It is up to man to discover the conniving between the specific and the universal in order to seal their unity.
It is this reason-as-a-guide that moves the artist to search for his own "truth."
(G. Serafini)

To find oneself in front of the paintings of Mr. Colomba gives at one time a feeling of satisfaction, fulfillment and unease. One is again and again amazed even after multiple viewings; we always
discover something new, a subtle and profound harmony that at first, fascinated and enveloped in the richness of the artistic expression, we did not dare observe.
(F. Cernuto)

Art that is not born out of a mere caprice, of a futile game of abstraction or of a longing for self-indulging originalitiy, but rather out of an effort that denotes a constant search for truth and a patient application of will surrounded by a longing of metaphysical freedom of which the artist proves to be pervaded.
(F. Fiumara)

The artist depicts the psychology of a man who has forgotten his past and does not know how to rebuild himself and his future. This inner search betrays a strong sense of solitude no sooner than he abandons a faith in man as the measure of everything. Space and matter are built of the same "substance," with the lines themselves simultaneously aggregating and scattering the images just produced.
(L. Malafarina)


While discerning what it sees, it evokes the reemergence

of sedimented images hidden but not forgotten.

Surfacing to consciousness and coming into being

without being, defined by their negatives like impossible

nervous connections of the inexistent.

Chinese shadows, amorphous forms of cultural

archetypes, a living tale of as much the individual as

the collective.

The symbol melds into the sign, is annihilated, yet persists

ready to reappear when conjured.

Mind or matter, the only substance known to the spirit

created in polychrome painted matter.

Art or physics or thoughts, not poetry.

(D. G.)